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Some Background… January 28, 2013

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I thought I would give you a little background about me. I graduated high school at the ripe young age of sixteen and soon after joined the Navy. Well, I have to say, not one of my favorite life decisions. Needless to say, that didn’t work out like I had originally planned. So here I am, back in a tiny town in Central Maine. After the Navy crushed my dreams I became very distant and rebellious. I used to be so motivated and I cared deeply about everyone. I started going down a VERY slippery slope of drinking, partying, and just being plain mean and careless. I was so completely lost and I really didn’t care at all. In the midst of all the chaos that was my life, I started getting friendly with the one person who helped pull me out of my slum. Andrew and I quickly fell in love and for once I felt like I had a reason to care again. Now that I look back it bothers me that my family and friends weren’t enough, but then again, I wasn’t really in my right mind. Andrew and I had met in high school and got close in Watercolors class. I know, I know, but we both needed a credit right before graduation. He and I had been very flirty and both had a HUGE crush on each other. Unfortunately, we were both tied up in relationships. Looking back now I’m happy about this because after high school I went through a lot, and I don’t think we would have made it. Now that we have grown up and matured (haha) we are very happily married and in our brand spankin’ new house! At first the house was sold and he wouldn’t leave me alone about it. I really wasn’t interested in this house, but he loved it, so I called the realtor. What a pain in the ass! He ended up calling us about a month later saying it fell through and we were in! We made our offer, went through months of hell, and alas! the wait is over. We are now LOVING our new home and I know Andrew is loving all of my crafty ideas for the place. You know he loves doing all those little diy projects I come up with ;). Anyways, here we are, hopefully you will follow on our travels and continue reading!

Our new house!

Our new house!


2 Responses to “Some Background…”

  1. Gramma Says:

    Proud of you and how you are maturing…but most of all I’m so very happy that you are so happy! It’s all this Gramma ever wanted for you. When my grands are happy my heart is at peace. Love to you and Andrew..looking forward to hearing more…(:

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