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My Doggies and Charlie-Cat January 29, 2013

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Sometimes I feel so blessed to have the two most wonderful dogs on the planet. Other times, I want to just scream at them all day long. What a lovely thing it is to have animals isn’t it? I haven’t ever really had a dog, just cats. My family growing up did not approve much of dogs and we only ever really had one cat for an extended period of time. When I moved out on my own, I rescued two kittens from a shelter and after the Navy, only ended up with one. Now, my husband and I planned on getting a dog and at work one day our neighbor walked in with a little bundle of joy….

little baby kyller

….Now, how could I say no to that face!?

Thus began my journey with the best little buddy I ever could have imagined. Whoever coined the term, a dog is a man’s best friend, MUST have been a genius…

Once we got used to having little Kyller running around, my husband got a little jealous :/

He decided it was time for him to get a dog as well, since Kyller was attached to me 24/7. Then we got Riloh. Who, by the way, is also attached to my hip and wants nothing to do with Andrew….a serious pain in my bum! But, again, we fell in love and can’t imagine life without this little blessing…

Riloh, is still learning. We got her from a place that breeds Alaskan Huskys for sled racing. I’m not sure if they just don’t care about the females, or if she just didn’t respond well to his way of training, but boy! is she skittish. We tried not reprimanding her for anything at first and just trying to show her love so she would begin to trust. She started trusting me a little bit so I began trying to teach her where to go to the bathroom. This, of course has not worked very well because she is still so skittish. We are slowly, but surely, breaking her down and she gets better and better each day. She goes through bouts of good behavior and then regresses for a couple of days, as did Kyller during training. This, for me, is a good sign because this is how Kyller acted towards the end of her training period. Riloh gets better each day and becomes a tiny bit more friendly. She has started laying with me on the couch and cuddling with Andrew and I in bed at night, a HUGE step forward for her! I will keep you updated on her progress as time goes by. Pretty soon she will be a friendly little dog!

Here are some pictures of my kitty, Charlie. Charlie is a girl, I don’t care who thinks it’s weird, I like it. She is the cutest kitty in the world and I love her SO much!


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  1. James Says:

    I have learned so much about dog behaviors and how to respond accordingly without yelling or intimidating using this guide

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