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Pregnancy….Or Not? January 30, 2013

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I just want to address the baby issue. My friends and family are pretty pushy when it comes to Andrew and I’s baby-free status. First of all, why in the hell do I want to rush that? Don’t get me wrong, we are excited to have children…but damn! We have almost been married for two years, we’re still having our fun. Why would we want to purposely devote the age of 21 to wiping ass and cleaning vomit? I do want kids, eventually…but right now I’m enjoying having a little extra money, being selfish, sleeping in, being young, and drinking. I’m not a child, but I’m not nearly ready to have kids and I also don’t want to end up resenting my child for our irresponsibility. Having a child is Andrew and I’s goal in a few years, but we have a lot of plans to make that kid happy and a lot of preparing. At this point we are just feeling pressured to have kids and that’s not why we should do it, we should do it because we are matured and ready. We are so excited to make our little family just a little bit bigger, but first we need to do a lot of things. These things include saving money, building the addition and buying the extra land, and cleaning up our yard, as we have collected a large amount of junk. The other thing is, when we buy the land we have to put a fence along the property lines because in our immediate back yard is a HUGE gravel pit! I don’t want my kids getting curious and playing in it, because I know they will, and then getting buried! That is some scary stuff! Then I want to clean up the yard so there is nothing dangerous like car parts and crap everywhere from Andrew’s many projects. Once that’s done I want to make an area that the kids can play. Aside from all of this, we have talked about starting a college fund before our kids are even born and even starting a little buffer of savings for kid related emergencies. Obviously, all of this probably isn’t going to happen before we welcome a little bundle of joy, but just to be clear, we have  A LOT of plans before we try to make that happen. I apologize for this, it’s just frustrating having everybody begging us to have kids. We are excited too, but like I said, we aren’t ready and we have a lot to do before we feel comfortable starting a family. So, now that this half-rant is over with, we can get back to the good stuff!


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