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Photo Of The Day! January 31, 2013

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road trip 223

This beautiful photo was taken in a cave in Kentucky. When I went on my road trip, we were passing through Kentucky on the highway and wanted to stop for lunch. Instead of being normal tourists and stopping in a real city for food we just pulled off the first exit and landed in this tiny little town with like one person and three restaurants, all closed down and boarded up. It was some of the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen, and it looked like a cute little town to walk around. We parked and took a walk down the street full of closed up shops and very little action. We walked by a beautiful home with a white picket fence and inside the fence was a small wedding happening. We watched them dance for a few minutes and then kept walking. We came to a museum type thing and went in to find they were giving tours of the caves in the back yard. It was the funnest and most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I have never been in a cave, or even been in an area that had caves! When we went in, everything seemed to be glowing. It got colder and colder and there was all kinds of old equipment everywhere. It was awesome. This is when we were just entering, and one of the only photos that actually came out. Obviously, there was no light in the cave and my camera just couldn’t focus on anything. I will never forget what I saw, but this is the only proof of the incredible, glowing, beauty that we had the opportunity to see.

Enjoy! 🙂


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