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Spending The Day with My Mom January 31, 2013

Filed under: My Life — courtneyk913 @ 4:46 PM

Today I spent the day talking BLOG with my mom. Her and I are a blog team and we have been kind of working together on them. She has an awesome website for food and we have decided to have her put her wonderful decor on as well. She is all about making her home exceed expectations. I ALWAYS go to her with design help in my home and she never lets me down. She will be adding photos of her newly renovated addition which is now the finished master bedroom and she will continue adding photos and tutorials of all the AWESOME stuff she does in her home. She was a little but iffy about straying from her original food plans, but along with her delicious recipes she is going to add in some great other things as well. I’m super excited because we always have a million things to talk about and we never are able to get to the point. Now, I will be able to look at her blog and get ideas and pointers and also check out her tutorials so we can spend all of our talk time gabbing about other crap! You’re going to love her stuff and I can’t wait to get her up and running with her different ideas. We spent the day taking pictures of her room and making cookies, (that she is adding the recipe for as we speak!) and having a blast!




2 Responses to “Spending The Day with My Mom”

  1. Allison Says:

    Love my Girl! Thanks for all the compliments. I don’t know about tutorials, but some design ideas for sure! Had a great day with you.

    • courtneyk913 Says:

      Why not? You should do a tutorial on how you made that bureau look old and rustic…it looks beautiful I got some pictures of that for you to do it because I want to know how haha

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