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Crocheting February 7, 2013






So it took me a really long time to get the hang of crocheting and I FINALLY found a good tutorial that not only explained, in detail, each stitch, the abbreviations, and had great pictures. At the end, she showed you the whole pattern and I was able to read the crazy lingo because she had done such a great job with the step by step. She was so informative and it was laid out so well that it was the first time I had been able to understand anything. I have been making this beautiful blanket, I will post pictures in a few, and I am almost halfway done with it. It is coming out fantastic, although I have had my share of mistakes along the way! I had a problem last night and ended up crying and almost giving up and ripping apart the whole first section of it. Well, thanks to and the wonderful people on there, I had about 30 people helping me and talking me through it. I finally fixed it and I’m back on track! Seriously, these lovely people saved my life! I have spent so much time and money on this blanket and it’s just so pretty and soft and fantastic that I really didn’t want to give it up…my poor husband last night was trying everything to make me feel better. He wasn’t making sense, but he was trying to help me fix it! What a wonderful man he is!

You can view the original tutorial and pattern here. I will eventually get around to posting my own tutorial, as I did change the pattern a tiny bit, although she did do a wonderful job with it.

My beautiful blanket!




2 Responses to “Crocheting”

  1. akallyoops Says:

    Looking great, Courtney! You amaze me.

  2. courtneyk913 Says:

    Thanks Mom! Wait until you see it! It looks great and it’s getting closer and closer!

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