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Photo Of The Day! February 8, 2013

Blue Building

Another road trip picture! I honestly have no clue where this photo was taking. The beautiful blue colors and the glass with the triangular shape just completely takes my breath away every time I look at this photo. I love this building, and I really wish I knew where I took this because I would go back just to see this sight once more. If I figure it out, I will definitely let you all know so you can enjoy this wonderful sight as well!



4 Responses to “Photo Of The Day!”

  1. akallyoops Says:

    You should post it on pinterest and in the caption write. Can anyone tell me where this picture was taken. I can’t remember. It should drive some traffic to your site.

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  2. courtneyk913 Says:

    I really wish I knew, It’s so beautiful. I did, hopefully someone can tell me where it is. I think it was either Nashville or Knoxville because I think that’s the only place we were at night…except for New Orleans. I have no idea. I can’t remember…

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