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My Weight Loss (KINDA) Secret January 29, 2013

DSC_0072So I know no matter the shape, size, culture, ethnicity, or race, people think they need to lose weight. I have never really been big, but I have always struggled with my weight. Since I got out of the Navy I have SERIOUSLY chunked out. Not really bad to the point that it’s out of control at this point, but enough to notice. I’m pretty sure it’s mostly from drinking. I’m not a drunk or anything, but I definitely like to partake in a little beer drinking on occasion. Anyways, I have done my share of diets and fasts and pretty much everything under the sun. For a while I was doing a juice fast, it was fine, but I just really like food and also it’s ridiculously expensive and we are poor. Aside from that it takes like your entire life of making juice and cleaning the juicer. By the time you are done making and cleaning that shit you have to start all over and make your next batch! It’s great if you have the time, money, and lets be honest here, the motivation, but not for me. Then I tried this other fast type thing but you just eat small portions of specific foods at specific times for three days. The next four days you eat whatever you want, and then another three days. That wasn’t for me either. Needless to say I have tried just about everything in the book, and lets face it, I just don’t exercise no matter how much I want to. Just about the most exercise I get in a day is going up and down (very slowly) the three flights of stairs in my house. I’m just lazy. Plain and simple.

So for this to make sense I kind of have to¬† jump to another topic. My whole life I have had serious stomach issues. I have never been to a doctor, I just suffered through it all of these years and thought it was normal. Well, the older I get and the more open I become with my close, (but poor, poor friends…) about my problems, the more I have come to understand how shockingly not normal it is, at all. My father recently went to a homeopathic doctor who worked wonders on him, (my family has had amazing luck with homeopathic doctors) I decided maybe it was time to venture out and get myself fixed all up. Well, I have never gotten such alarming results in my life. I am in rough shape, let me tell you. We won’t get into that! Anyways, he prescribed this stuff SBC, and told me to take 1-3 capsules up to 3 times a day. Man, oh, man! So I have gotten much better since then, but he helped me understand in a huge way how carbs really have nothing at all to do with your weight and that it really is how you are going against them. For example, I gained so much weight after the Navy wasn’t forcing me to move, and instead I was sitting on my ass at work and at home all day long but still getting the same amount of carbs. This makes sense to me. Now I know people are always going to believe that cutting carbs works, and it does, for a period of time. I have never really heard of anybody keeping weight off after one of these fad diets, though.

Alright, back to the point. So once I realized carbs don’t matter and you have to counteract them with activity, I organized a plan that works for me. I smoke, (I know, disgusting.) so I knew I had to go easy on myself at first and work my way up to a good routine. I chose my boot camp routine because it was fairly easy for me and I have learned how to get it done very quickly. I decided also that I was still going to allow myself to eat crappy food because obviously that isn’t going to ever go away for me because it’s just not and that’s it. The food situation has changed, but it doesn’t bother me because I like all the food. When you do this for yourself, don’t be afraid to choose foods that you like, and not that are better or worse for weight loss. Forget about all of that.

My Foods:

I LOVE green apples.

I LOVE cucumbers.

I LOVE carrots.

I LOVE salad.

In order to make it better for myself, I chose to dip my apples in caramel or peanut butter, my cucumbers in Italian dressing, and my carrots in ranch. I know, I am almost defeating the purpose here. I’m not though. Just wait.

I started out with 50 jumping jacks a day, in the bathroom, right before I get in the shower, and also where nobody can see my fat flopping around.

I wake up, I usually start with an apple with caramel or peanut butter, and then do my jumping jacks and shower. Sometimes I shower first, because you should ALWAYS weigh yourself naked, dry, and before you eat anything. Let’s be real here, I’m not going to get naked and weigh myself and then go in the kitchen and eat an apple…

Then I write down my weight every single day regardless if it has changed. For lunch I have the cucumbers and carrots with dressing and ranch, OR a salad, obviously with extra dressing because it’s delicious. I try to eat a small portion of each and not stuff my face, but sometimes it happens. Don’t worry, it’s not pizza so it works.

Last, for dinner, I eat whatever the hell I want. Fast food, pizza, a home cooked meal, whatever. I always get these crazy cravings for really bad food when I’m dieting and with this diet, dinner is the time for it. Trust me, after the first couple of splurges you won’t really have cravings anymore because you aren’t restricting yourself. I usually don’t eat breakfast and sometimes I don’t even eat lunch, (many times I’m just waking up at lunch time…) and this was mostly because I was too lazy to fix something to eat. When I went shopping for apples, cukes, and carrots, I tried to cut it all up and put them in containers so they were ready to go. Then when I wake up I can grab the container of apples, grab the pre-scooped container of PB and go at it. It’s delicious, it’s easy, and when I’m done there’s no clean up. Just put the cover on and stick it back in the fridge. The best part was it wasn’t ridiculously expensive like the juicing was, either.

My Results:

I lost 10 pounds in a week. Now, I have been using words to indicate that I am not doing this anymore and there’s a reason for that. I made the mistake of starting this exactly one week before the start of Holiday Festivities. In my family, this means about 30 pounds over a three week period of time and your Christmas money is used to buy larger pants and/or maternity clothing. Yes, we’re that kind of family. So after my first week of success I thought, no big deal, this shit is working. That meant I could eat my face off and not worry because I now have a plan that works for me. I still did the jumping jacks and after a while I started increasing my numbers from 50. To my delight, after the Holidays were over……NO WEIGHT GAIN!!!!! WHAT????? I hadn’t gained anything back! I’m STILL shocked.

Your next question is, it’s January, why are you still using past tense? I started my little diet thing again for about two day and lost another two pounds. Then, my dog tripped me down the treacherous stairs and I died. No really, it was horrific. I killed my ankle…no more jumping jacks. I am now better, and about to begin this wondrous thing called Awesome Weight Loss Plan Made Up By Me. I have stuck to trying to eat well a little bit since then and still have not gained any weight back. Actually, that’s a lie…I have gained a half of a pound. Sorry.

My current food situation has been one plain egg for breakfast, and usually a salad for lunch. Sometimes I stray from this, but still, I am trying. This weeks grocery trip will be devoted to buying delicious fruits and vegetables that I love to eat.

I hope this works for you people, and I will continue posting about my progress. I hope this helps!!

Also I will get photos of my food choices on here and also show you how I set up all of my cut up foods. I try to make sure I use see through containers for better refrigerator visuals and also clean out any crap in my fridge.


Alright, here are the photos of all of my delicious veggies cut up for this week!



My Best Friend Muffin and Her Christmas Awesomeness.

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I met Muffin in the Navy and she quickly became my favorite person in the world. Mostly because she’s almost a midget and also she is Mexican so naturally that makes her awesome as well. Oh yeah, and her kid, Mini Muffin. That’s their real names by the way, I’m sure of it. So anyways, she’s awesome and she is still in the Navy, so I never get to see her and Mini Muffin…EVER. It’s highly depressing and just plain not cool. She’s been on deployment for like 2 years now and she just got back a few months ago. I decided to let her get settled with her kid before having a major freakout and telling her she was coming here, (to Maine…yes, a Mexican in Maine.) to stay with us for Christmas. Naturally, she thought it was a fantastic idea, and bought tickets. And by tickets I mean train tickets because obviously who wouldn’t want a four year old on a train for 22 hours? So a few weeks and a LONG train ride later there’s Muffin and Mini Muffin on my doorstep and looking as awesome and little as ever, about to meet my favorite Andrew for the first time ever. Yes, in case you were wondering, this was the best day of my life. The reunion of Muffin and Biscuit, (Biscuit is what she calls me, don’t ask). Definitely the best Christmas I have ever had, we practically went broke giving Mini Muffin all of these awesome toys…which ended up scattered across my house. Not having a child, I bought him a package of stickers…MISTAKE! Anyways, so Muffin and I had a blast and all of our friends LOVED meeting them after hearing about the Infamous Muffins for the last 5 years. Everybody was so welcoming to them and it was just fantastic. The Muffins loved Maine and the snow and we decided that they would alternate between her other friend in Texas and us up in Maine for Christmas’. Now, we are all counting down for two Christmas’ to get them back up here. Here are a bunch of photos from the awesome visit we had with them!

Also, a side note, Mini Muffin has never seen snow so these pictures portray some seriously mixed emotions about snow…and there are no pictures of our Snowman because that shit is harder than it looks and we ended up making a snow penis instead and that’s inappropriate.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Did I mention that Mini Muffin doesn’t speak English? HAHA


Dog Rant.

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I’m not really a fan of ranting…actually, I won’t lie..I’m always up for a good bitchin’. Well I’m extra grumpy today and I owe it all to my two lovely dogs. We went to bed last night, and of course the dogs sleep in our bed, so we bring them in and there’s something weird happening with them. I’m not sure why, but they were like fighting and running around everywhere. Usually they go right to sleep and lave us alone. Not tonight! So after about an hour Andrew fell asleep and I had to keep whisper yelling at them, which obviously does no good. Then I got Kyller up on the bed and the brat kept biting me! What a rotten little doggie! So while Kyller is on the bed knawing on my hand like a friggin chew toy Riloh is down on the floor trying to eat the radiator. I don’t have a clue what that’s about but it was obnoxiously loud and clearly Riloh forgot her dog-etiquette. So rude! So after a couple of hours of this ridiculousness, I finally start to doze off into my delightful slumber and…CRASH!!! Riloh decides to attack the radiator like a maniac. This happened about ten more times before I jumped out of bed screaming and got my foot stuck in the blanket on the way out of the bed and face planted on the ground. 3am at this point and I was PISSED. Andrew woke up at this point and was not impressed. So I told him what was happening and he spanked them and they got right in bed and went to sleep. Of course not without me having a mild meltdown of crying and yelling…but it wouldn’t be right without it! So I finally get back into bed ready to get some sleep and Riloh decides she wants to lick my leg over, and over, and over again. I’m not sure when she stopped or if she even did because I finally fell asleep around 4am. Needless today, we DID NOT have our morning routine doggie snuggle party this morning.

I’ve come to the conclusion that there must be mice in the radiator…My cat, Charlie, has had her face up against it ALL DAY!


Clearly Riloh is exhausted from a long night…


Kyller knows I’m talking about her because she’s sitting next to me in the chair and won’t stop staring at me…


My Doggies and Charlie-Cat

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Sometimes I feel so blessed to have the two most wonderful dogs on the planet. Other times, I want to just scream at them all day long. What a lovely thing it is to have animals isn’t it? I haven’t ever really had a dog, just cats. My family growing up did not approve much of dogs and we only ever really had one cat for an extended period of time. When I moved out on my own, I rescued two kittens from a shelter and after the Navy, only ended up with one. Now, my husband and I planned on getting a dog and at work one day our neighbor walked in with a little bundle of joy….

little baby kyller

….Now, how could I say no to that face!?

Thus began my journey with the best little buddy I ever could have imagined. Whoever coined the term, a dog is a man’s best friend, MUST have been a genius…

Once we got used to having little Kyller running around, my husband got a little jealous :/

He decided it was time for him to get a dog as well, since Kyller was attached to me 24/7. Then we got Riloh. Who, by the way, is also attached to my hip and wants nothing to do with Andrew….a serious pain in my bum! But, again, we fell in love and can’t imagine life without this little blessing…

Riloh, is still learning. We got her from a place that breeds Alaskan Huskys for sled racing. I’m not sure if they just don’t care about the females, or if she just didn’t respond well to his way of training, but boy! is she skittish. We tried not reprimanding her for anything at first and just trying to show her love so she would begin to trust. She started trusting me a little bit so I began trying to teach her where to go to the bathroom. This, of course has not worked very well because she is still so skittish. We are slowly, but surely, breaking her down and she gets better and better each day. She goes through bouts of good behavior and then regresses for a couple of days, as did Kyller during training. This, for me, is a good sign because this is how Kyller acted towards the end of her training period. Riloh gets better each day and becomes a tiny bit more friendly. She has started laying with me on the couch and cuddling with Andrew and I in bed at night, a HUGE step forward for her! I will keep you updated on her progress as time goes by. Pretty soon she will be a friendly little dog!

Here are some pictures of my kitty, Charlie. Charlie is a girl, I don’t care who thinks it’s weird, I like it. She is the cutest kitty in the world and I love her SO much!


Some Background… January 28, 2013

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I thought I would give you a little background about me. I graduated high school at the ripe young age of sixteen and soon after joined the Navy. Well, I have to say, not one of my favorite life decisions. Needless to say, that didn’t work out like I had originally planned. So here I am, back in a tiny town in Central Maine. After the Navy crushed my dreams I became very distant and rebellious. I used to be so motivated and I cared deeply about everyone. I started going down a VERY slippery slope of drinking, partying, and just being plain mean and careless. I was so completely lost and I really didn’t care at all. In the midst of all the chaos that was my life, I started getting friendly with the one person who helped pull me out of my slum. Andrew and I quickly fell in love and for once I felt like I had a reason to care again. Now that I look back it bothers me that my family and friends weren’t enough, but then again, I wasn’t really in my right mind. Andrew and I had met in high school and got close in Watercolors class. I know, I know, but we both needed a credit right before graduation. He and I had been very flirty and both had a HUGE crush on each other. Unfortunately, we were both tied up in relationships. Looking back now I’m happy about this because after high school I went through a lot, and I don’t think we would have made it. Now that we have grown up and matured (haha) we are very happily married and in our brand spankin’ new house! At first the house was sold and he wouldn’t leave me alone about it. I really wasn’t interested in this house, but he loved it, so I called the realtor. What a pain in the ass! He ended up calling us about a month later saying it fell through and we were in! We made our offer, went through months of hell, and alas! the wait is over. We are now LOVING our new home and I know Andrew is loving all of my crafty ideas for the place. You know he loves doing all those little diy projects I come up with ;). Anyways, here we are, hopefully you will follow on our travels and continue reading!

Our new house!

Our new house!


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