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Photo Of The Day! December 30, 2013



This photo was taken on my way to work after the ice storm last week. I always love the view on my way by the river in Skowhegan. The scenery is so beautiful no matter what the weather!


Photo Of The Day! November 17, 2013


My beautiful yellow roses! 🙂


Photo of the day! September 30, 2013



Photo Of The Day! March 6, 2013


This was another beautiful building in Quebec, Canada on our trip for Winter Carnival! It was amazing how many buildings looked like this in the Old City. I just couldn’t believe how amazing it was and how beautifully done the architecture was.



Photo Of The Day! February 26, 2013


This cute little ice rink was in front of all of these beautiful buildings and this beautiful little castle wall. I loved the wall behind the skating rink, it almost reminded me of some kind of fairy tale. I got a lot of nice photos of the wall, but we had stumbled upon this skating rink. It was so cute I just wanted to grab a pair of skates and stay there all day!



Photo Of The Day! February 24, 2013


I’m not sure what this building was, but I think it may have been a church of some kind. I may be wrong, regardless, it was beautiful. It was almost a little creepy the way the trees were against it and the green roof and the stone work. It look as if it were out of a horror movie. Still, it is a beautiful piece of architecture and an old classic on, at that. I was fortunate enough to see it in all it’s glory in person.



Photo Of The Day! February 23, 2013


This is such a beautiful building. The architecture in Old Quebec City was phenomenal. I took thousands of photos and almost all of them were of buildings. I would love to go back when it’s not as busy because it seems as though I was rushing and not getting very good angles. There were so many people and vehicles for the Carnival that it was impossible to stop for a picture so I had to take them all walking and even then there were tons of people in them. People were always in the way and I was always in other peoples way. I tried to get as many of this building as I could and this was the only one I could get of the entire thing. It was so HUGE!



My Friend, Carissa February 22, 2013


When I first bought all of my photography equipment and lighting I was anxious to use it. I had my friend Carissa come over to test it out since she was somewhat into modeling at the time. I was pretty proud of my very first shot, (no pun) at using all of my new equipment and my new camera and my new Photoshop program. Now, my program is outdated and I would ever remember how to use it…but at the time it was pretty difficult to jump right in and figure out how to do the things I wanted to do. Hopefully I can get an updated version and get all of my equipment set up somewhere and get back into my photography. I would love to take a class and learn the ins and outs of the programs and my new camera.

I love that this photo is so natural and peaceful as well as just plain simple. I didn’t want to do anything really crazy for my first time so I wouldn’t be overwhelmed. I literally had power cords EVERYWHERE and animals running under foot and clothes pins holding the backdrop to a bookshelf. Not my best, but it was all I had at the time. Now that I may have a nice big room to devote to my art and photography I may be able to set up something more permanent and learn a little more. I need a little more experience, but I’ll get there. Thanks for helping Carissa!


Photo Of The Day! February 21, 2013


First, I want to start of by apologizing for my lack of activity. It’s been a busy few days of being home.

This photo was taken in Old Quebec, the most beautiful city I have ever been to. I thought this church, along with almost every single building there, was unbelievably beautiful. Honestly, if anybody ever has a chance to visit Quebec, I definitely recommend it.



Photo Of The Day! February 13, 2013

roadtrip3 173

This is my  favorite photo of little Logan, my sister’s little boy. I was laying on the ground with red ants underneath him while he was swinging and kicking me to get these photos, but it was well worth it. I was so happy with the way they came out. This is my absolute favorite because you can see the sheer happiness of a little boy swinging. He is just so simply joyous and excited and it’s just beautiful. Plus, I love his two front teeth sticking out, it’s just so darn cute!



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