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Photo Of The Day! November 22, 2013

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My beautiful sushi dinner!


Photo Of The Day! November 21, 2013


My awesome new truck!


Photo Of The Day! October 6, 2013


Today I merged a photo of fireworks I took recently. I just think this picture is fantastic. I usually take the shittiest pictures of fireworks, but these came out pretty cool. I thought I would share. Also, I would have gotten this up earlier had I not spent the entire day trying to figure out how to merge a picture with “no similar areas”…


Photo Of The Day! October 5, 2013


Today I’m sharing a photo of the beautiful fall foliage in Maine. Right in my back yard is the lovely and vibrant colors. My favorite time of year is fall. The air is crisp and cool and the scenery is bright and colorful. My aunt lives in Hawaii and when we were little she made us collect the prettiest and brightest leaves we could find so she could bring them back and show her students because they had never seen leaves change colors. I was shocked and upset, at that time I was still blissfully unaware that other parts of the world weren’t just like mine. Hopefully this will reach someone who doesn’t have a backyard full of beauty like mine.


Photo Of The Day! October 3, 2013

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I found this irrationally hilarious. With all the mustache paraphernalia popping up everywhere, it was especially pleasing when I spotted this sucker. I was walking down the street, minding my own business, when I noticed a mustache on the front of this persons car. I was surprised and delighted and I immediately thought of my best friend Katie, who has, for some reason, chosen me as a target for mustache themed gifts. Lame, yet still awesome in her own twisted way. I decided it would be a crime to pass by this car without snapping a quick picture for her. I hope this is a enjoyable for everybody else as it was for me. I can imagine the owner of this car offering random passersby “mustache rides”. One can only hope…


Photo of The Day! October 2, 2013

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We spotted this beautiful sun streaked cloud driving down the interstate and I had to get a picture!


Photo Of The Day!! October 1, 2013

happy fisherman

I work at a scrap metal yard and this delightful little sign came in for junk. Sometimes I enjoy working with the crack heads that come in here. The fact that they scrounge like crazy for 1 lb of copper to get their next fix can sometimes bring us fun things like this sign!


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