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My Friend, Carissa February 22, 2013


When I first bought all of my photography equipment and lighting I was anxious to use it. I had my friend Carissa come over to test it out since she was somewhat into modeling at the time. I was pretty proud of my very first shot, (no pun) at using all of my new equipment and my new camera and my new Photoshop program. Now, my program is outdated and I would ever remember how to use it…but at the time it was pretty difficult to jump right in and figure out how to do the things I wanted to do. Hopefully I can get an updated version and get all of my equipment set up somewhere and get back into my photography. I would love to take a class and learn the ins and outs of the programs and my new camera.

I love that this photo is so natural and peaceful as well as just plain simple. I didn’t want to do anything really crazy for my first time so I wouldn’t be overwhelmed. I literally had power cords EVERYWHERE and animals running under foot and clothes pins holding the backdrop to a bookshelf. Not my best, but it was all I had at the time. Now that I may have a nice big room to devote to my art and photography I may be able to set up something more permanent and learn a little more. I need a little more experience, but I’ll get there. Thanks for helping Carissa!


Photo Of The Day! February 9, 2013

roadtrippp 316

This photo was taken in New Orleans, Louisiana. We were looking desperately for Bourbon St. and were completely lost. It was amazing and upsetting to see all of the damage done to that town. It still is being rebuilt, years later. Devastating. I had one of the best nights I’ve had in a very long time there, it was fun, carefree, and wild. I would love to go back there and enjoy another night on Bourbon St.



Tattoo February 1, 2013

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This is a photo I found on the internet and then drew to fit my body and my interest. I adapted it into what I wanted, and then fit it to my figure as a tattoo. I didn’t necessarily ever think I would actually get this done, but it was really just beautiful to me and it turned out to be my own and I loved it. After I changed and molded the original design and drew my own thing, I fell in love with the design and went to a tattoo parlor to get a price. It ended up being much more money than I expected, although it was a very fair price from an exceptional tattoo artist. I saved money for over a year on a single waitress income living alone and finally had enough. I had never been so excited. I had 7 tattoos at that point, and was more than ready for this one. After 43 hour sessions, I had finished. I was dating Andrew at this time, who had no tattoos, and I think he might have had a little trouble understanding the allure of having them. Although, once he got his first one, he has been considering getting more for a while. If we had the money, I’ll bet we would both be covered, at least, I know I would. I have this beautiful tree covering my entire back, which I will post a picture of soon, and the others are also hand drawn by me as well. On is Japanese symbols with my grandfathers name, one is a tribal I drew and then had another tattoo artist re-draw differently on my body, and then I have a quote on my side, and another quote incorporated into the tribal, a flower design I found also on the internet and changed a little, and then a big green blob right on my hand…definitely NOT my favorite. I hopefully will get the green blob covered up…although I’m not sure what I could possibly ever get over that would look good. I have had so many ideas to add to this tree, yet I just haven’t had the heart to change it in any way. I love it so much, I honestly don’t think that I will ever change the way it looks.

Andrew and I’s song is Say Hey by Michael Franti and Spearhead. We designed a tattoo with the lyrics: “My mama told me don’t lose you, ’cause the best luck I’ve had was you” for our arms, one of us will get half and the other will get half in a design and when you put them together it makes a heart shape and the entire sentence. I know it’s lame and cliche, but we like it. He may not admit it to anybody else, but he admitted it to me and that was all it took. This is probably going to be our next tattoo, and also I am getting one with my friend Muffin.

Muffin and I have had a plan for this tattoo for about 5 years now. We were going to get it when she was here for Christmas, but with Andrew and I both laid off and Mini Muffin not speaking English and nobody in Maine speaking Spanish, it made it incredibly difficult to make it finally happen. We have had so many appointments for this and so many times planned and set up to do it and it just is never convenient. I guess when it’s meant to happen it will happen and if it’s not, then we will never get it. It is the words, “Me Vale”. It’s a popular Spanish song by Mana that we used to listen to all of the time, and at the time we were living in Chicago, it really meant  a lot to us. We had been in a vulnerable state just out of Boot Camp and insecure in a place we didn’t know with a lot of people we didn’t know, and we kind of just hung on to the meaning of the words. At least, I did then, she did at other times in her life. At one point in each of our lives the words meant something to both of us and even helped us through tough times, and this is why we love it. Me Vale means that you don’t give a shit what anybody thinks, (In terms of negativity) about you and you live your life how you want and not how others want you to. Basically, I don’t care if people don’t like me, because I like me. It may not be the exact meaning, but when she explained it and the song, this is what I took from it and I loved it. Someday, I will brand myself with these words to remind myself and everybody else that I’m strong and I won’t be put down by others. Now it seems a little silly, but when I needed the confidence to get through the day, it got me through. That’s what matters to me.

Anyways, I will get my tattoos up here when I can get my photography backdrops and stuff up in the spare room. Then, I can show everyone my awesome tattoos and be proud of my body art. đŸ™‚


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