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Canada Trip February 13, 2013

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So, this weekend my husband and our friends are taking a quick weekend trip to Canada for the last two days of Winter Carnival. The whole fascination came from Katie’s father, years ago, mentioned to her not to ever go. Clearly, this is not something you say to a teenager. Naturally, we made it a priority to make it happen at some point. After a few years of talking about it we finally decided on a whim to get our shit together and make it happen. Hopefully, it is as awesome and crazy as we have heard many times before. It took some sneaky convincing of my husband to get him to give in, but he did. We hit a few road blocks along the way, passport, dog sitters, etc…but we are now all set and ready to go. We got someone we trust to watch our dogs and our home and we are one day away from taking an awesome road trip and spending a fun filled weekend in the beautiful Country of Canada. I’m SO excited, and I can’t wait to be there. We had someone else planning to watch the animals, but I was already worrying about it and nervous to leave them with these two. Now that they backed out and we have someone I am very close to and trust very much doing it, I am not worried at all. In fact, I feel that a great weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I am certain I will have a great time. Before I was worried I would not have a good time because I would be worrying about them and worrying about the wood stove and just unsure that they were being taken care of adequately. Now, I feel very at ease with the whole situation and I could not be more grateful that my good friend Kelsee stepped up to lend us a much appreciated helping hand. What a wonderful friend! I will be sure to get as many amazing photos of the trip as I can and I will be sure to post them and write a nice post of the festivities on here. Also, I’m bringing my computer and hoping for wifi, although Straight Talk does not allow me to use my cell in Canada, so I may not be able to post a photo of the day. Hopefully, I will have wifi and it won’t be an issue, but you never know. See you soon all!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


Photo Of The Day! February 6, 2013

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roadtrip3 100

This photo is my sister’s dog, Jay Jay. He is not her dog anymore, but he was a great dog, and he was very beautiful. I got some really great photos of him and Logan, her son, and he was a very well behaved subject! I stayed a couple of nights there and visited on our road trip, and he slept with me on the couch every night. I miss him!


Dog Rant. January 29, 2013

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I’m not really a fan of ranting…actually, I won’t lie..I’m always up for a good bitchin’. Well I’m extra grumpy today and I owe it all to my two lovely dogs. We went to bed last night, and of course the dogs sleep in our bed, so we bring them in and there’s something weird happening with them. I’m not sure why, but they were like fighting and running around everywhere. Usually they go right to sleep and lave us alone. Not tonight! So after about an hour Andrew fell asleep and I had to keep whisper yelling at them, which obviously does no good. Then I got Kyller up on the bed and the brat kept biting me! What a rotten little doggie! So while Kyller is on the bed knawing on my hand like a friggin chew toy Riloh is down on the floor trying to eat the radiator. I don’t have a clue what that’s about but it was obnoxiously loud and clearly Riloh forgot her dog-etiquette. So rude! So after a couple of hours of this ridiculousness, I finally start to doze off into my delightful slumber and…CRASH!!! Riloh decides to attack the radiator like a maniac. This happened about ten more times before I jumped out of bed screaming and got my foot stuck in the blanket on the way out of the bed and face planted on the ground. 3am at this point and I was PISSED. Andrew woke up at this point and was not impressed. So I told him what was happening and he spanked them and they got right in bed and went to sleep. Of course not without me having a mild meltdown of crying and yelling…but it wouldn’t be right without it! So I finally get back into bed ready to get some sleep and Riloh decides she wants to lick my leg over, and over, and over again. I’m not sure when she stopped or if she even did because I finally fell asleep around 4am. Needless today, we DID NOT have our morning routine doggie snuggle party this morning.

I’ve come to the conclusion that there must be mice in the radiator…My cat, Charlie, has had her face up against it ALL DAY!


Clearly Riloh is exhausted from a long night…


Kyller knows I’m talking about her because she’s sitting next to me in the chair and won’t stop staring at me…


My Doggies and Charlie-Cat

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Sometimes I feel so blessed to have the two most wonderful dogs on the planet. Other times, I want to just scream at them all day long. What a lovely thing it is to have animals isn’t it? I haven’t ever really had a dog, just cats. My family growing up did not approve much of dogs and we only ever really had one cat for an extended period of time. When I moved out on my own, I rescued two kittens from a shelter and after the Navy, only ended up with one. Now, my husband and I planned on getting a dog and at work one day our neighbor walked in with a little bundle of joy….

little baby kyller

….Now, how could I say no to that face!?

Thus began my journey with the best little buddy I ever could have imagined. Whoever coined the term, a dog is a man’s best friend, MUST have been a genius…

Once we got used to having little Kyller running around, my husband got a little jealous :/

He decided it was time for him to get a dog as well, since Kyller was attached to me 24/7. Then we got Riloh. Who, by the way, is also attached to my hip and wants nothing to do with Andrew….a serious pain in my bum! But, again, we fell in love and can’t imagine life without this little blessing…

Riloh, is still learning. We got her from a place that breeds Alaskan Huskys for sled racing. I’m not sure if they just don’t care about the females, or if she just didn’t respond well to his way of training, but boy! is she skittish. We tried not reprimanding her for anything at first and just trying to show her love so she would begin to trust. She started trusting me a little bit so I began trying to teach her where to go to the bathroom. This, of course has not worked very well because she is still so skittish. We are slowly, but surely, breaking her down and she gets better and better each day. She goes through bouts of good behavior and then regresses for a couple of days, as did Kyller during training. This, for me, is a good sign because this is how Kyller acted towards the end of her training period. Riloh gets better each day and becomes a tiny bit more friendly. She has started laying with me on the couch and cuddling with Andrew and I in bed at night, a HUGE step forward for her! I will keep you updated on her progress as time goes by. Pretty soon she will be a friendly little dog!

Here are some pictures of my kitty, Charlie. Charlie is a girl, I don’t care who thinks it’s weird, I like it. She is the cutest kitty in the world and I love her SO much!


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