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How To Properly Roast Garlic November 19, 2013


It’s really, VERY simple! I’ve seen that a lot of people asking how to roast garlic the correct way and I see that many people, including myself at first, are completely intimidated by it. I’m not sure why, but when you first try roasted garlic I guess it just seems a lot more complicated than it is. I always thought there was some sort of secret technique involved to get the cloves perfectly cooked and tasting perfect. There is absolutely no special or fancy techniques at all.

All you have to do is place however many heads of garlic in an oven safe dish with the tops cut of to a flat surface. I usually cut them just below the point, however my mother cuts them a little lower to ensure easy access to each clove. This is entirely up to you. Next, drizzle oil all over the tops and around in the dish so that it goes down inside and slicks the bottom. I probably use about 1-2 TBSP of oil. Most of the time I use vegetable because that’s what I have closest to the stove, however olive oil works just as well and is better for you. It really doesn’t make a difference. Sprinkle with salt and pepper generously. Add about 1 TBSP of water to the dish for steaming, cover with tinfoil, and bake at 350° for 30 minutes.


Take them out, check the cloves with a fork or knife to see if they are soft, almost mushy, right into the middle. I usually check the fattest ones and the innermost cloves. They are rarely fully cooked at this point, however it does happen depending on the amount of heads and size of the cloves. If not, you will probably need to add another TBSP or so of water, cover, and return to the oven for another 10-20 minutes.

That’s it! Very easy, very delicious, and very worth it.


Amazing Cheese Dip February 4, 2013


It may not look good now, but once you have a taste you will be drooling every time you see it!

Now, I have to say, I probably wouldn’t make this dip if I looked at the ingredients because I HATE cottage cheese, not a huge fan of cream cheese, and I DO NOT like thousand island…not to mention it seems like an incredibly ODD group of ingredients and at first glance doesn’t look at all good to me. I know I’m making this sound horrible, but there’s a point, I swear. Had I not grown up with this amazing family recipe, (which was a secret until now…) I wouldn’t find it appetizing at all. I made this dip for our Super Bowl Party and we ate the entire bowl!! I can honestly say I don’t know how anybody has gotten through their life without this wonderful treat to make them happy. We used to serve this at my family’s restaurant and everybody raved about it. It was the first offering we brought to the table when we greeted our happy customers, and it ended up being one of the things that made us famous. We served it with various types of crackers, and the regulars knew when they came in, no matter who the waitress, they were getting extra. When I started working, I had a pretty good following. I knew when I saw one of my regulars that I was bringing four or five cheese dips to the table. When we would open, all of the waitresses would do all of our stuff as quickly as possible and so that we would have time to sit and eat cheese dip before we opened. It is seriously like crack dip. In fact, it really should be called crack dip, but I think my grandfather would roll over in his grave if anybody ever changed the name! Please, enjoy this recipe and share it with everyone. It SHOULD NOT be a secret anymore, the world should have this delight-fulness in their lives.

Cheese Dip

1 8 oz Package Cream Cheese

16 oz Cottage Cheese

6 oz Shredded Chedder Cheese

3 oz Bleu Cheese Crumbles

1/2 Cup Catalina French Dressing

Blend ingredients and ENJOY!

The original recipe calls for 2 tsp Chopped Red Pimentos and 2 tsp Finely Chopped Sweet Onion, but I never use these ingredients and neither does my mom. Partially because I usually have everything but these on hand, and also because I’m lazy and don’t want to chop anything. If you add these in you will get the full effect, although I personally prefer this dip without. Regardless, you WILL NOT regret making this. My grandmother makes this dip every single day and eats Cheese Dip and crackers for lunch. EVERY DAY!!! Amazing, she is 80 years old this year and she is still eating this stuff on a daily basis!



The Best Nachos On The Planet February 3, 2013


These are the most delicious nachos I have ever had. There is a long lived family secret, and I have never met anybody who disagreed. My friends always say these are my “secret awesome nachos” and I am constantly being begged for the secret. It’s really not much of a secret, it’s just an unconventional, yet amazing, use of two ingredients. I made these for the Super Bowl Party, and EVERYBODY raved!  At the restaurant when I was younger all the customers would order the ‘famous’ nachos. It’s called Jalapeno Cream Cheese. The greatest invention ever known to man. First I will give the recipe for that, very easy and quick, and then I will tell you how to put together these amazing nachos!

Jalapeno Cream Cheese

1 8oz package of Cream Cheese

I bottle Diced Jalapenos

In a food processor, add entire package of cream cheese, and jalapenos and juice. The amount depends on how spicy you want it. Add just a little at first, and then taste it. Keep adding until you reach a good level of spicy. I like it really spicy, so I usually put about a half bottle of diced jalapenos and then tablespoon at a time of liquid until it is blended. If you do not have a food processor, (which I didn’t until this Christmas…THANK YOU ANDREW MY DARLING!!!!) you can chop the jalapenos as finely as possible and mix by hand or with a hand mixer or stand mixer. It takes a little more time and elbow grease, but still comes out great. Spoon into piping bag or plastic baggie with a hole in the corner for squirting.

Delicious Chicken Nachos

1 Package Boneless Skinless Chicken

1 Bag Shredded Cheese

1 Can Black Beans

1 Bottle Corn and Black Bean Salsa

1 Bag Jalapeno Cream Cheese

1 Bag Tortilla Chips

Lay chips out flat on baking pan, preheat oven to 375º. Squirt jalapeno cream cheese all over chips, spread salsa evenly on chips, and sprinkle rinsed black beans over salsa. Then, cover with cheese, cook chicken in pan with salt and pepper and chopped into small chunks. Sprinkle chicken all over nachos, sprinkle small amount of cheese on top, bake until cheese is melted.

The jalapeno cream cheese seriously makes these the most amazing things you will ever taste…feel free to substitute chicken for any type of meat or no meat, add more or less beans or corn, increase or decrease salsa and cream cheese amounts. I like a lot of everything, but my husband likes less of everything so I usually do half and half. Good luck!



Super Bowl FOOD!

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Andrew and I could care less about sports. Which is great for me, but I also like food. Food is always a great excuse to get together with friends, even though we hate football. We decided that since we hadn’t gotten together with our friends in a while we would throw a SuperBowl party and have awesome food and play cards and watch the commercials, (and the game, of course!). So we rounded up all of our friends and told them which ingredients to bring, made the food, and feasted. Here are just a few of my delicious creations, with recipes, of course!

We had Cheese Dip, Wings, Nachos, Raspberry Pie Cookies, and Pigs in a Blanket!





YUM!!!! I will post recipes right now!


My Weight Loss (KINDA) Secret January 29, 2013

DSC_0072So I know no matter the shape, size, culture, ethnicity, or race, people think they need to lose weight. I have never really been big, but I have always struggled with my weight. Since I got out of the Navy I have SERIOUSLY chunked out. Not really bad to the point that it’s out of control at this point, but enough to notice. I’m pretty sure it’s mostly from drinking. I’m not a drunk or anything, but I definitely like to partake in a little beer drinking on occasion. Anyways, I have done my share of diets and fasts and pretty much everything under the sun. For a while I was doing a juice fast, it was fine, but I just really like food and also it’s ridiculously expensive and we are poor. Aside from that it takes like your entire life of making juice and cleaning the juicer. By the time you are done making and cleaning that shit you have to start all over and make your next batch! It’s great if you have the time, money, and lets be honest here, the motivation, but not for me. Then I tried this other fast type thing but you just eat small portions of specific foods at specific times for three days. The next four days you eat whatever you want, and then another three days. That wasn’t for me either. Needless to say I have tried just about everything in the book, and lets face it, I just don’t exercise no matter how much I want to. Just about the most exercise I get in a day is going up and down (very slowly) the three flights of stairs in my house. I’m just lazy. Plain and simple.

So for this to make sense I kind of have to  jump to another topic. My whole life I have had serious stomach issues. I have never been to a doctor, I just suffered through it all of these years and thought it was normal. Well, the older I get and the more open I become with my close, (but poor, poor friends…) about my problems, the more I have come to understand how shockingly not normal it is, at all. My father recently went to a homeopathic doctor who worked wonders on him, (my family has had amazing luck with homeopathic doctors) I decided maybe it was time to venture out and get myself fixed all up. Well, I have never gotten such alarming results in my life. I am in rough shape, let me tell you. We won’t get into that! Anyways, he prescribed this stuff SBC, and told me to take 1-3 capsules up to 3 times a day. Man, oh, man! So I have gotten much better since then, but he helped me understand in a huge way how carbs really have nothing at all to do with your weight and that it really is how you are going against them. For example, I gained so much weight after the Navy wasn’t forcing me to move, and instead I was sitting on my ass at work and at home all day long but still getting the same amount of carbs. This makes sense to me. Now I know people are always going to believe that cutting carbs works, and it does, for a period of time. I have never really heard of anybody keeping weight off after one of these fad diets, though.

Alright, back to the point. So once I realized carbs don’t matter and you have to counteract them with activity, I organized a plan that works for me. I smoke, (I know, disgusting.) so I knew I had to go easy on myself at first and work my way up to a good routine. I chose my boot camp routine because it was fairly easy for me and I have learned how to get it done very quickly. I decided also that I was still going to allow myself to eat crappy food because obviously that isn’t going to ever go away for me because it’s just not and that’s it. The food situation has changed, but it doesn’t bother me because I like all the food. When you do this for yourself, don’t be afraid to choose foods that you like, and not that are better or worse for weight loss. Forget about all of that.

My Foods:

I LOVE green apples.

I LOVE cucumbers.

I LOVE carrots.

I LOVE salad.

In order to make it better for myself, I chose to dip my apples in caramel or peanut butter, my cucumbers in Italian dressing, and my carrots in ranch. I know, I am almost defeating the purpose here. I’m not though. Just wait.

I started out with 50 jumping jacks a day, in the bathroom, right before I get in the shower, and also where nobody can see my fat flopping around.

I wake up, I usually start with an apple with caramel or peanut butter, and then do my jumping jacks and shower. Sometimes I shower first, because you should ALWAYS weigh yourself naked, dry, and before you eat anything. Let’s be real here, I’m not going to get naked and weigh myself and then go in the kitchen and eat an apple…

Then I write down my weight every single day regardless if it has changed. For lunch I have the cucumbers and carrots with dressing and ranch, OR a salad, obviously with extra dressing because it’s delicious. I try to eat a small portion of each and not stuff my face, but sometimes it happens. Don’t worry, it’s not pizza so it works.

Last, for dinner, I eat whatever the hell I want. Fast food, pizza, a home cooked meal, whatever. I always get these crazy cravings for really bad food when I’m dieting and with this diet, dinner is the time for it. Trust me, after the first couple of splurges you won’t really have cravings anymore because you aren’t restricting yourself. I usually don’t eat breakfast and sometimes I don’t even eat lunch, (many times I’m just waking up at lunch time…) and this was mostly because I was too lazy to fix something to eat. When I went shopping for apples, cukes, and carrots, I tried to cut it all up and put them in containers so they were ready to go. Then when I wake up I can grab the container of apples, grab the pre-scooped container of PB and go at it. It’s delicious, it’s easy, and when I’m done there’s no clean up. Just put the cover on and stick it back in the fridge. The best part was it wasn’t ridiculously expensive like the juicing was, either.

My Results:

I lost 10 pounds in a week. Now, I have been using words to indicate that I am not doing this anymore and there’s a reason for that. I made the mistake of starting this exactly one week before the start of Holiday Festivities. In my family, this means about 30 pounds over a three week period of time and your Christmas money is used to buy larger pants and/or maternity clothing. Yes, we’re that kind of family. So after my first week of success I thought, no big deal, this shit is working. That meant I could eat my face off and not worry because I now have a plan that works for me. I still did the jumping jacks and after a while I started increasing my numbers from 50. To my delight, after the Holidays were over……NO WEIGHT GAIN!!!!! WHAT????? I hadn’t gained anything back! I’m STILL shocked.

Your next question is, it’s January, why are you still using past tense? I started my little diet thing again for about two day and lost another two pounds. Then, my dog tripped me down the treacherous stairs and I died. No really, it was horrific. I killed my ankle…no more jumping jacks. I am now better, and about to begin this wondrous thing called Awesome Weight Loss Plan Made Up By Me. I have stuck to trying to eat well a little bit since then and still have not gained any weight back. Actually, that’s a lie…I have gained a half of a pound. Sorry.

My current food situation has been one plain egg for breakfast, and usually a salad for lunch. Sometimes I stray from this, but still, I am trying. This weeks grocery trip will be devoted to buying delicious fruits and vegetables that I love to eat.

I hope this works for you people, and I will continue posting about my progress. I hope this helps!!

Also I will get photos of my food choices on here and also show you how I set up all of my cut up foods. I try to make sure I use see through containers for better refrigerator visuals and also clean out any crap in my fridge.


Alright, here are the photos of all of my delicious veggies cut up for this week!



Unbelievably Juicy Steak with Blue Cheese Dipping Sauce

This is no hard recipe and if you don’t already have Adobo Seasoning as a household item, you need it. I first heard of this amazing stuff at a friends house last summer. They were grilling and we stopped in to visit. We were all sitting around on the couch and in they walked with plates full of steak and potatoes. Now I have smelled some pretty delightful smells, but this didn’t even compare. I had never smelled anything so good and they all get going on and on about how it was the most delicious steak they had ever had. Well the girlfriend was away on work so I was a little curious. I asked how they had cooked it and he said, “Well the wife uses this weird shit called Adobo so I put that on it and grilled it.” I was surprised that I had never heard of it coming from a restaurant, and then all of a sudden it was in every recipe I saw. So I hiked my way on down to the store and searched high and low. I finally found it. I literally just used it a month or two ago for the first time! My husband and all of my friends agreed it was the most amazing steak they had ever had!! I now put it on everything and every time I make steaks I never stray anymore, this is the only recipe I will use. It’s simple and only uses two ingredients!


All you need is Butter and Adobo Seasoning for the steaks.


Put A LOT of butter in the pan and let it melt. Place your steaks in the pan and sprinkle Adobo all over. I use my fingers or a spoon to press it in so it sticks to the steaks, and then flip them immediately and do the same to the other side. DO NOT ADD SALT!!!! Adobo already has salt AND garlic salt and is VERY salty on it’s own. then just cook to your desired temperature. Be sure the pan doesn’t go dry, I have to continue adding butter throughout cooking. Also, sometimes I get busy with other things and when I flip them, it’s a little dry so I just slather a little butter right on the steaks. Don’t be afraid to keep adding butter, the more you have to add, the juicier the steaks will be!


That’s it!

For the Blue Cheese Dipping Sauce I just take bottled Blue Cheese, any brand, and mix a little mayo, a little white vinegar, and A LOT of crumbled blue cheese. The chunkier the better! You can heat it on the stove, but Andrew and I like cold or room temp.




Best Turkey or Beef Burgers EVER!! January 28, 2013

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This recipe is the most amazing burger I have ever had. It’s adapted from a recipe I got off of and I added my own little twists. The recipe was originally for turkey burgers,(which I had never had until this) and then my husband requested beef burgers. Both have completely changed the burger for us! I would definitely recommend trying it both ways, don’t be afraid of ground turkey! It’s really not as scary as some people think and even my husband loved it! There are a few things about this recipe that can be changed. For example, if you do not like onions I would suggest sauteing them first for a softer and more subtle taste. Although I wouldn’t recommend it, you can leave them out if it’s a huge problem. Next, the Adobo peppers may scare some off, but they add the entire flavor of the burger and are not overly strong. They don’t add much heat to the burger either, but if they make you nervous you can try just putting one in instead of two. However, do not exclude them completely, you won’t regret it, I promise! Last, the jalapenos add the heat. I personally like everything REALLY SPICY! My husband on the other hand, well, not so much. I usually mix everything without the peppers, throw in a tiny bit for flavor, make his burger and then mix the rest of the peppers in for the rest of us heat lovers. He likes it better this way and it allows us to both be happy with the heat level of our burger. I like to add a lot of jalapenos, approximately 8-12 slices depending on size, then I chop them at the same time as the Adobo peppers to save time. I chop them as finely as possible and then throw in a tiny bit of the mixture and add the rest later. If you don’t like it that spicy you can use less jalapenos or exclude them all together. They really don’t change the taste as much as the adobo peppers. I also want to add that I never measure and I don’t really know if these measurements are accurate. The burgers will turn out fine, but feel free to add whatever amounts you prefer. I really like garlic so I usually put a little extra garlic in.

P.S. These burgers are REALLY messy! You may need to shower after devouring these delicious things!
Best Turkey or Beef Burgers Ever!
1lb of ground Beef or ground Turkey
1 large Onion
2 large Adobo Peppers in Adobo Sauce
Sliced Jalapenos
2tsp Garlic Powder
2tsp Onion Powder
2tsp Minced Garlic
1Tbsp Soy Sauce
1Tbsp Worcestershire Sauce
Fresh Mozzarella Ball
Sliced cheese
Chopped fresh Cilantro
Chop onions as finely as possible, chop adobo peppers as finely as possible, chop as many sliced jalapenos as desired as finely as possible. Mix all ingredients in large mixing bowl. Break mozzarella ball into small chunks until desired amount (I usually use approximately half a ball per lb of meat) and mix into meat mixture. Don’t be afraid to mix with your hands! Mix well, form into burgers and grill with bacon. Top with slice of cheese. If you chooses to add Cilantro, chop as finely as possible and add into meat. I have trouble finding it in my local store, although it does make the burger much better.
Assemble burgers with bacon and other desired toppings.
burger1 burger4

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