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Awaiting A Blizzard February 8, 2013

The media seems to think that every time there is snow coming we should all take cover and stock up on food for a month. This, however, is never the case. Usually when they predict 30 inches of snow we end up with about 3, and when they predict 3 inches, we get 30. We are never really prepared for a storm because of the inaccuracy of the weather man. So far, we should have about 6 inches, I’m looking out the window at a light dusting. Although, I am freezing my butt off…it’s about 3 degrees outside. So last I heard, we were getting 12-24 inches of snow between today and tomorrow. I’m sorry, that just seems like quite a wide range, don’t you think? Ridiculous. It really doesn’t make sense to me why they even bother to make predictions when they are never right, the range is so ridiculously wide that they really should be right, and they scare everybody into acting like crazy people and driving like morons. First thing, we live in Maine. We should all be used to driving in snow by now…Come on people, 10 mph with no ice and less than an inch of snow? Amazing. It is just shocking how people drive like scared babies when there is hardly any snow, but yet when it’s really awful out, people are driving like maniacs and passing, cutting people off, speeding, and slamming on their brakes. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! It is so annoying. Then, if I want to go to the grocery store and get things for dinner, or my weekly trip just happens to fall on a day there is a storm coming, it’s like a mad house. I mean really, people pushing and shoving, hitting, running into you, rude, hitting you with carts, I literally got shoved into a rack of clothes the other day and I was walking…clearly, not fast enough for this lady. I want to just walk around slapping everybody in the face.

I drove into work today, going my normal speed, it got increasingly snowy-er during the trip, and then all of a sudden it started getting better and better. It was very odd, but I did at one point get cut off, of course when it was bad out. Obviously they couldn’t wait for me to pass and pull out with no traffic for miles, they really needed to get in front of me and then slam on their brakes for no apparent reason at all. I’m so frustrated. In fact, it has stopped snowing since I began this post, which is even more frustrating…

I’m thinking I should go to the store and load up on food and beer for the weekend, just in case. If I do this, I will have succumbed to the peer pressure that is the blizzard. It’s unfortunate, but better safe than sorry, I guess. I believe I have just become a hypocrite of the worst kind…


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