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My Friend, Carissa February 22, 2013


When I first bought all of my photography equipment and lighting I was anxious to use it. I had my friend Carissa come over to test it out since she was somewhat into modeling at the time. I was pretty proud of my very first shot, (no pun) at using all of my new equipment and my new camera and my new Photoshop program. Now, my program is outdated and I would ever remember how to use it…but at the time it was pretty difficult to jump right in and figure out how to do the things I wanted to do. Hopefully I can get an updated version and get all of my equipment set up somewhere and get back into my photography. I would love to take a class and learn the ins and outs of the programs and my new camera.

I love that this photo is so natural and peaceful as well as just plain simple. I didn’t want to do anything really crazy for my first time so I wouldn’t be overwhelmed. I literally had power cords EVERYWHERE and animals running under foot and clothes pins holding the backdrop to a bookshelf. Not my best, but it was all I had at the time. Now that I may have a nice big room to devote to my art and photography I may be able to set up something more permanent and learn a little more. I need a little more experience, but I’ll get there. Thanks for helping Carissa!


Photo Of The Day! February 21, 2013


First, I want to start of by apologizing for my lack of activity. It’s been a busy few days of being home.

This photo was taken in Old Quebec, the most beautiful city I have ever been to. I thought this church, along with almost every single building there, was unbelievably beautiful. Honestly, if anybody ever has a chance to visit Quebec, I definitely recommend it.



Photo Of The Day! February 13, 2013

roadtrip3 173

This is my¬† favorite photo of little Logan, my sister’s little boy. I was laying on the ground with red ants underneath him while he was swinging and kicking me to get these photos, but it was well worth it. I was so happy with the way they came out. This is my absolute favorite because you can see the sheer happiness of a little boy swinging. He is just so simply joyous and excited and it’s just beautiful. Plus, I love his two front teeth sticking out, it’s just so darn cute!



Photo Of The Day! February 12, 2013



I know, I know, but I can’t help it. I love the way my nails look when I finish something cool. This was so easy and quick so I didn’t have to spend hours doing it, which is always awesome. It was supposed to be darker grey and brighter pink, but they didn’t come out that way once they dried. Which is fine, because I love them.



Photo Of The Day! February 10, 2013

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rt15 028

The photo quality is poor, but I love this photo. This was one morning on my way to work. It was extremely foggy, but at the top of a HUGE hill overlooking the whole town was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen. This photo does not do the sight any justice at all. I really wish I was able to get a better quality photo, but I was driving and I only had my cell phone to snap a quick shot. Unfortunately, my cell phone and the movement did not help me catch the scene, but at least I got something to share.



Photo Of The Day! February 9, 2013

roadtrippp 316

This photo was taken in New Orleans, Louisiana. We were looking desperately for Bourbon St. and were completely lost. It was amazing and upsetting to see all of the damage done to that town. It still is being rebuilt, years later. Devastating. I had one of the best nights I’ve had in a very long time there, it was fun, carefree, and wild. I would love to go back there and enjoy another night on Bourbon St.



Photo Of The Day! February 8, 2013

Blue Building

Another road trip picture! I honestly have no clue where this photo was taking. The beautiful blue colors and the glass with the triangular shape just completely takes my breath away every time I look at this photo. I love this building, and I really wish I knew where I took this because I would go back just to see this sight once more. If I figure it out, I will definitely let you all know so you can enjoy this wonderful sight as well!



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