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Photo Of The Day!! October 1, 2013

happy fisherman

I work at a scrap metal yard and this delightful little sign came in for junk. Sometimes I enjoy working with the crack heads that come in here. The fact that they scrounge like crazy for 1 lb of copper to get their next fix can sometimes bring us fun things like this sign!


Photo Of The Day! February 9, 2013

roadtrippp 316

This photo was taken in New Orleans, Louisiana. We were looking desperately for Bourbon St. and were completely lost. It was amazing and upsetting to see all of the damage done to that town. It still is being rebuilt, years later. Devastating. I had one of the best nights I’ve had in a very long time there, it was fun, carefree, and wild. I would love to go back there and enjoy another night on Bourbon St.



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